“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” ― Frank Herbert

Sonntag, 29.07.2012


I'm home again, sitting at my Computer, in my home, slept in my bed, had dinner with my girls...But, before I came home, I spent some time in San Francisco and New York and again Toronto.

San Francisco was a blast! I love San Francisco, and I will definitely go back! I spent a week there, and that's a good amount of time, as you get to know the place a bit better, feeling a bit less like a tourist in the end. The first evening there I had Dinner with Daniel. It's kind of strange, sitting in a foreign country, miles away from where you grew up, but still having conversations like: "When I met you the first time, you had a rabbit. It's name was cups and it was white." answer to that: "Yes, and you couldn't speak english back then." And that was about almost twenty years ago, I think. The next day, the plan was Golden Gate bridge and Disney Museum. Golden gate was crowded, with a fabulous view over the city. I learned that there is a special Golden Gate colour. Disney Museum was closed - sad. Well, I went to Union Square instead. In the evening, I met a bunch of People and we had a good night. The next day Daisy, Alex and I went to the Mission where we shopped the Thrift stores and went for Lunch. Then we went to sit in a park, I forgot its name, and I saw the view of the City from the other side. In the evening, we went to my first pubcrawl ever, and it wasn't as bad as I imagined a Pubcrawl to be, it wasn't even that bad the next morning. What was bad though was that Daisy lost her wallet, and we spent the day searching for it and, luckily, found it again, but of curse, about 10 Minutes after she canceled her Credit card...Pier 39 and Coffee in North beach was what we did after we found the Wallet. I also went to Haight Ashbury and Golden Gate park, and I guess I did many other things, but I can't put them all together again, as loads happens in a week...On Saturday, I took a plane to New York.

New York was crowded and big, and not a City to spend time on your own. New York was good, I shopped alot, but I think it would have been way more fun if I had people to hang out with. So I saw Union Square, Staten Island and went up the Rockefeller Center, to see NY from above. All in all, New York is expensive. Everything costs double as somewhere else and you only get half the service. (eg Hostel: 50bucks, no Breakfast, no Common room, but still a dorm room).

From NY I was happy to board a Greyhound for the last time on that Trip and I went back to Toronto, where I enjoyed the sheer joy of a Homecooked meal, my own room, and people that belong to my family and I know. 

Friday was my last day, and we went to buy the last few Things I needed, like Maple Sirup and had a real Canadian Dinner with Steak, Corn and Cheesecake for desert. After that, Monica and Nick brought me to the airport, where I boarded a plain at Midnight. 

In Amsterdam, I once more experienced the six degrees of Separation! I'm sitting in the plane, waiting for the plane to take of, while other people still board and...."Simu....?" So Simon, who studied with me was in Canada too, working just about half an Hour away from Vernon (but after I left) and flew from the west of Canada to Amsterdam and back home....

At the airport, I waited for ages for my luggage, and then, finally, after 4 1/2 Month, I could hug my girls again. And for the first time in his life, little Janosch dog was allowed to jump up and give me a big wet doggy-kiss. 

So, Tha North american story has ended - but the jobsearching, moving out at my parents story has started....So, this is probably gonna be the last blog of this sort!

Thanks for reading, adn see you all soon in real life!

xoxo and Cheers!

Go to foreign countries and you will get to know the good things one possesses at home. (J.W. Von Goethe)

Dienstag, 17.07.2012

Howdy everyone!

Pretty much exactly ten days since I last blogged in Seattle. Yes..Seattle..it has been great, the people I met, the things I have seen...But California was calling, so I left for Sacramento.

On this 18hour drive, I got myself a nice cold, lovely airco! Seriously, is it natural, if it is 30 degrees outside to cool it down to 16 degrees inside???NOOO mates! The first night I stayed in the HI Sacramento, where the staff was incredibly unmotivated and the hostel was - like the bus - arctic. I met Barbara from Germany, and we went for dinner together and spend the next day in the old town, where there was a living history event going in. Lots of gold digging bandits were running around. So that was fun, even though I was sneezing and coughing and felt kind of High on drugs because having a cold in 37 degrees just makes you feel like that. Then I met Felicia, my couchsurfing host, a great girl who worked in places I have never heard of and already forgot again what it was called. The next day I just strolled the city and didn't do much. Then the plan was heading to San Diego, where my couchsurfinghost was waiting. 

Folks, I tell you, Greyhound is all it's cracked up to be. The Buses are old, the depots are fucked up and the staff is basically a bunch of unfriendly douchebags who think they are just the thing! I made it to LA, where I had to change buses. Nobody is there to hand me my luggage, my bus to San diego was already boarding and when I found someone to unload my luggage he grunted at me. But I got my Luggage, run over to the bus and hand the guy my Discovery Pass. He tells me "That's all you have? You need a ticket." And runs away with my ticket. It was 12pm, I hadn't had Breakfast, hadn't had coffee and had a cold, the bus was ready to leave. He comes back, asks me where I boarded the Bus, I tell him, he runs away again. A few seconds later, he returns and tells me to grab my luggage come with him. So That's what I do, my Bus drives away and I am so done with everything, I almost started to cry. Inside the Depot, he shows me my Ticket and tells me "This is a fake ticket. I'm not going to call the Police, but I will have to confisticate it." There I stand, crying, and as I tell him "But I don't understand, I made it through Canada and to here with it" he just says, "Well, It's fake, I am confisticating it and you will just have to see what you're going to do now.." and then he walks away. So I go and ask the Ticket agent when the next bus to San Diego will be in San Diego, and she tells me 1 am. That's to late to call upon my host. So I sit on my bag and cry my heart out. I had enough, I wanted to go home, I didn't know anymore why I was doing all this to myself....Everyone who ever complains about the SBB - try Greyhound!!! A very nice man who looked like a Hells ANgel asked me if he could help to sort out my Ticket, and as I told him that I didn't really know what I was going to do right now, so no, but Thank you, he just pointed over to the bench where he was sitting and said: "I'm right over there, if I can help you with something, just tell me." That made me cry even more, because he was so nice! Pathetic, I know...Well, I call the HI in San Fran, they had a bed, so I decided to go there. The Greyhound guy who took my ticket came to me againa nd asked me to come with him once more. So I did, even though I really didn't even want to see him anymore. Well, the good news was: My Ticket was not fake!! What a surprise! Instead of just telling me "I'm sorry, I screwed up" he tried to talk himself out of the situation. I just said thank you and left. So i left to San Francisco, where I met Barbara from Sacramento again, so I told her the whole story. 

The next day, with another few Greyhoundbus incidents (the Bus in my Ticket did not exist, so I had to take a later one in LA) I arrived in San Francisco, where I went to my hosts house, and There I met his Flatmate, as my host wasn't home. The funny thing is: I'm staying in Canada on a Ranch, and meet not a single cowboy. I go to San Diego and meet the worlds former Number 14 Bullrider Nick. Now, that was a few years ago. Now, Nick is a Fashionphotographer who climbes the Eigernorthwall on Vacations. No Joking! My first day in San Diego is spent with walking around and getting shit from random people for skyping in a Starbucks, on the Patio, next to a major Transit hub. So it wasn't quiet there anyway. So My "Iwannagohomemood" didn't really improve. It was Comic Con in San Diego, and lots of Supermans, Spidermans, Catwoman and other funny Comic Characters were around. That was Kind of fun. In the evening, my Host and Fellow couchsurfers go eat Ethiopian food - that was awesome. 

The next day I spent at the Zoo, where they had JaguarBabys and a Baby Giraffe. SOOOOOOOOO Cute!! In the evening, we had a Couchsurfevent on the beach, so I went swimming and afterwards we had a Bonfire. I met loads of fun people. 

The next day is spent in the Amtraktrain from San Diego to Monterey. The Train was three Hours late...and again, GUYS, don't ever complain about the SBB, go try Amtrak!! So instead of 7pm, I arrive in Monterey 11pm. But The train drove through amazing scenery, and stopped for hours at random places in the middle of nowhere...

In Monterey, I visit the Aquarium, which was quite wicked, but crowded. Even though it was huge and had loads of different fish and jellys and so on I have never seen before, it doesn't measure up to the Ucluelet Aquarium. 

This Morning, I got lucky, and was able to catch a ride to San Francisco - no more Greyhound!! So here I am now, in the Green Tortoise on Broadway, surrounded by stripclubs, but in the most awesome bed ever!!




All I really had was a suitcase and my drums. So I took them up to Seattle and hoped it would work. ( Dave Grohl)

Freitag, 06.07.2012

Howdy from Seattle!

So, my last week in Aspengrove was great, I got to ride alot and was really sad to leave....But I left anyway. Canada day was up, and I arrived in the Samesun Hostel in Kelowna around midday, where the Party was already rolling!Nice backyard at the hostel, and after I found the Bottle shop I joined in. The first round of Beerpong was played around 5 and the last round of Flipcups around 8. I met a whole bunch of fun people, and by the time we got to the Fireworks we we're all pretty much in the mood! After that, we went to an Irish pub and partied on. The next day was all about recovery, so we went for walks and did nothing. 

For the ones who don't know yet: Nadia is not coming, so the Stampede is off for me, but California is on!!

After I packed my backpack I left for Seattle....I did not bring any drums...but it worked out well anyway...After a cold night on the Greyhound I found the Green tortoise Hostel in Seattle (people, GO there!!) and immediately signed up for the "Dead guy tour" We visited Brandon and Bruce Lee, Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobains House...It was good! In the evening, we went for a mini PubCrawl, but by about 11 I was ready for bed. Thenext day was Independence day! I went for the free city walk, which was awesome - lots of fun facts about the city, and I got to see the worlds second full of germs tourist attraction....the gumwall on post alley....disgusting!! after the walking tour we went for Pike Markets and searched for Rachel the Pigs big Brother Billy, and found him...Rachel is Pike Markets Lucky pig....We saw the first starbucks and ate alot of good stuff. Then we found the Bottle shop, and had a Party in the commn area of the Hostel. We scored a great spot to watch the fireworks! They went on for about twenty minutes and were pretty awesome! On the way back, the Bus didn't really move - too much traffic. So we walked all the way back. As everyone had to work on the fifth, the Pubs were all empty, which made me go to bed around one o'clock.

On the 5th, we went up the columbia tower...70th floor....The weather was awesome and we were able to see Mt. Rainier! I picked perfect three days here - not one drop of rain. The space needle is tiny in comparison to the Colombia Tower (only about 40floors high), and the tower is 9 bucks, the space needle around 40. Then, we went to the AWESOME EMP! First, through the scinece fiction exibition where we saw pieces from Star wars, Matrix and others. Then the Horror movie exhibition, Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, Guitars, ACDC....yep, saw it all. But then came the best part: Learn how to be a rockstar!! So I had my tries on the Drums, learning how to play basic Rockfillings, I played smells like teen spirit along with Nirvana on the Guitar, had my go on the Keyboard...we spent around 4 hours in there...Back at the Hostel we had our Free Dinner, and then went to a standup Comedy show at Comedy underground! It was wicked, and us, sitting in the first row, got picked on a lot..but in a very funny way. 

Today, me and Cath from Australia went to capitol hill where we just walked around and relaxed.  

Now, I am sitting here, using the Green Tortoise free Internet, writing my blog and waiting for my Bus which laves at 6.45pm. 

CALIFORNIA, HERE I COME!!! An 18hour busride will get me to Sacramento, where I'm hoping to catch a ride into Yosemite...if not, down I go to San Diego!! I'm gonna be couchsurfing in Sacramento and SAn Diego, so that will save me another good bit of Money - I'm happy about that!

Hugs to everyone and see you all soon!!


To ride or not to ride? What a stupid question!

Freitag, 29.06.2012



I am back in Aspengrove! And about three weeks between now and my last blog...

Alright, I think I stopped about after the sailing trip last time, and said I was going to Ucluelet. That is what I did. Ucluelet is small, neat and Surfytown. That's why I liked it very much, even though it rained. The first day there I spent hiking the wild pacific trail, 8 kilometers on the coast, in the jungle, pretty much. It was very nice and pretty. The second day I went to the amazing Ucluelet Aquarium. Very small, but probably the best Aquarium I have ever been in...Did you know that Seacucumbers and seastars belong to the same family, but the seastar would eat the cucumber? That both of them don't have brains, and the thing that makes a seacucumber push away from a seastar is a chemical reaction?? That a seastar turns his stomach to the outside to digest his food and that it can grow back his arms?well, I learned alot that day...I shared the whole Hostel with three others, one of them was a girl from Switzerland. 

After Ucluelet I went straight to Victoria. I loved Victoria. I walked alot there, I found a map with different walks through the City and along the coast, and walked probably about 13km a day, saw pretty much all there was to see. The first day there I met Mitchell, and the second day we went to see a play together. The play was called "the Foreigner" - Ithought that suited quite well. It was brilliant. It was about that guy who acts as if he doesn't understand everyone else, even though he does. It's interesting to see how the people around him act! I also spent about 2 hours in probabaly the biggest used bookstores I have ever seen. Two storeys and books from bottom to top! I was in heaven! I also had a strange roommate the second night, who started to tell me pretty m,uch all about his live after he just met me. It was pretty boring and I couldn't get away! Come on, do I really look like someone who you want to tell your life?? I guess I do! I also tried to figure out what would be next, so I got in contact with another woofer at Aspengrove. We decided to meet up in Vancouver. The question I had to ask myself was "tor ride or not to ride?" And because it is a stupid question, I decided to go back to Aspengrove.

So, In Vancouver we went for a bikeride around Stanley park, and Dutch guy was in heaven, as he hasn't been on a bike for ages. After that we went to watch "the dictator" and it was funny and had a lot of sad truth in it. The next day we walked up Grouse mountain, a pretty exhousting hike, and then went to a music festival. It was all local bands, some of them were good, others bad and some genious. 

Coming back to Aspengrove felt a bit like coming home. We now have Brandon, who grooms the horses forus, and that helps us alot. It means that we can ride up to 8 horses a day. We start around eleven and finish around 5. I feel like a horsetrainer.dismount one horse, mount the next, and so on....I am sore, everywhere, and my legs are runnung on low batteries, but hey, I get to ride loads, and what else makes you a good rider if not riding loads of different horses?? I now rode the smallest horse of my life (Peanut, paint pony, probably around 1.10) and the biggest horse of my life (Bo, big grey, probably around 1.80). The arena feels sooo small with Bo. It's like 5 strides, corner, corner, five strides, corner....whereas with peanut, the corner never comes...My favourite girl Rosie got replaced by little Irishpony...she is a bit like Mimi, for those who know Mimi. You just have to think your next step, and she does. And do not bother her to much with the reins, or else there will be protest..sooooooooo much fun!!!!And Irish jumps like a big girl!

Next week, the camps start, and I will be out of here. I don't know exactly where to, but I guess I will figure it out!!

Cheers, me

Well, then, I confess, it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out. ( Jack Sparrow)

Sonntag, 10.06.2012


Alright, it has been a while, and loads has happened...I have left Vernon about a week ago, and was sad to do so, but also happy and excited for the adventures to come.

So, since I've left Vernon I have been walking until my feet couldn't walk anymore, ate fried mars bars, tried turbojuice, slept twelve hours in one night, tried Quadra Island green stuff, almost burnt a house down, sailed the seven seas (almost) and spent my first day without coffee in a long time.

And now, one after the other.

Sooo.. I arrived in Vancouver during rush hour and made my way to the backpackers. It felt crowded, busy and loud. I checked into the hostel and met a girl from Madrid, we went for drinks - and met the first person in my life with a prescription for weed. Apart from that, that guy was annoying. I didn't sleep alot that night - it was way too loud. My room faced the street..the next day, I got up early and walked 8km around stanley park. Vancouver people run. I have never seen so many joggers in one morning. After that, we went to Lynn valley and went for another walk. over the longest Hanging bridge I ever crossed. After that, we went to Richmond night market. Loads of Chinese crap in one place, but also loads of good food. And fried mars bars. they are just sweet,and that's it. After that, my legs and feet weren't going anywhere anymore, and I was sore for days.

The next day, I went to Quadra Island, were I spent two days with Hillibillies. Musicians. We smoked, talked, hiked and biked and drank turbo juice, some self-made liquor.. And I slept for twelve hours, as I said. As those people tried to live off the land, I tried berries, Roots and herbs I have never tried before, and luckily, I am still alive. It has been a very good time. I almost went on tour with them, if I did not have the offer for a Couchsurfing-sailing Trip around the Gulf Islands.

As I have not so many Minutes left, I am trying to make this quick and still include everything. The whole Crew was picked up in Duncan, from there we sailed to Galiano Island and the next day to Salt spring, and then back to Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. On the Boat was a Parrot named MR. T. He can talk a lot and is afraid of Popcorn. I Comandeered the Ship for about 30 Minutes. Until we had to Motor again because the Wind died down. It was good times and I felt like a pirate. We sailed or motored at daytime, ate and drank a good amount in the evenings. I still feel as if on a boat, even though I am on solid ground now.

Tommorrow, i'll be going to Ucluelet, a nice little surf location.

I guess I could tell more, as I have a lot to tell, but my Internettime is running out!!

Drink up, me Hearties, yo ho!!


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